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Just thought I would share one of my favorite videos. It is Daniel Powter's song, "Had a Bad Day." It is a beautiful song with a very complementary video. If you have a moment, check it out.

The following video is a funny video for all of the mom's out there. It is all about being a mom sung to the William Tell Overture. If you have a moment, please feel free to check it out.


Hey Grandma!

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Merry Christmas

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     Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I had a fabulous holiday!  We spent Christmas Eve in the evening tracking Santa on the Norad Tracker.  When Abbie saw that Santa was nearing the Florida, she hurried and went to bed.  That Santa Tracker was the neatest thing!  It was tied to Google Earth so you could follow Santa's path while looking at 3-d pictures of the terrain.  They still have his path posted so if you have the chance to download, I would.  
     Abbie then spent Christmas morning opening gifts and playing with them.  She only liked to open one gift at a time.  She would then play with the only that gift for about an hour.  Once she was done with that gift, she would then want to open another.  She still has a few gifts under the tree.  Santa brought her the globe she has been asking for.  It was a talking globe that told about customs, animals, and famous places all over the world.  She has only been asking for this globe for the past three months.  Yes, she is only 3 and yes, she really did want a globe.  She asked Santa for it the other day while we visited Disney World.  Santa was bit surprised by this request (as were his elves).
     The afternoon was spent with my family.  We opened gifts, did some cooking, played some games, and chatted the day away.  It was very nice and relaxing.  Mom tried the trick I learned from Food TV.   If you put cut lemons and oranges  into the cavity of the turkey (rather than stuffing it), the turkey will be moister.  It worked!  Plus, the house smelled  really good.  There was only a hint of the oranges and lemons when tasting the turkey.  It was very subtle.
     Well, I need to go ahead and say goodnight now.  I have to finish up my class web page for a project.  Below are some pictures from our holiday.  Again, thanks for stopping by and I'll be posting again soon.


Happy Birthday!

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     Well, I am now officially a year older.  Time does fly when you are having fun.  I would have never imagined six years ago that I would be sitting here today, married to a wonderful man and mom to a magnificent daughter.  Six years ago I had no idea that this would be my future.    I can't complain.  
     Bob is a wonderfully patient man who seems to know what I am thinking.  We have only known each other a short time but we finish each other's thoughts.  I can't even count the number of times I will say something (and vice versa) to which he will respond "Get out of my head" because we know each other so well.  He has shown me that there is so much more to this world than my small share of experiences.  He has also helped me to believe in myself.  For that, I love him dearly.
     Then there is my energetic and talented daughter, Abbie.  Abbie just turned 3 but seems so much older.  She has a very dry sense of humor, loves to read, and can surf the net with the best of them.  Every single day she amazes me more and more.  She shows a deep level of understanding and an eagerness to learn.  She is proof of how blessed I am.  
     That leads me to 2 of my favorite websites.  Photobucket and Slide are such wonderful websites.  You can make some really neat photo albums to share.   I love them for not only home use but school use as well.   Photobucket is the website used with Blogspot but you can also use Slide as well.

     The above show was created using Slide.  It was easy to do and only took a few minutes.  It was also FREE which is fabulous in my book.  
     Well, it is off to bake some more cookies.  Have a safe and happy holiday!


Happy Holidays!

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     Just thought I would add a few more videos from our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  The above video is fireworks at the castle just before Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  That was a fun party!  They have cookies and hot chocolate available all over the Magic Kingdom.  They even offer healthy alternatives such as grapes and apple slices as well.  The rides are not nearly as busy and the parade is fabulous.  
     This video is from Disney's MGM Studios.  This video features the Osbourne Dancing Light display which is AWESOME to say the least.  Abbie thoroughly enjoyed the display as you can see by her dancing.  If you ever have the chance to visit, you should.

     Well, that is all for today.  Happy holidays!


When you wish upon a.........

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     Greetings and welcome to my own blog space.  My family has just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World.  We had a BLAST!  Abbie was really into the Magic Kingdom this visit.  It is hard to believe she JUST turned 3 years old.  She wanted to visit each character, ride It's a Small World, and basically just keep going.  There was no stopping the child.  She wanted to go EVERYWHERE!  She danced to Off Kilter at Epcot, danced with the dancing lights at MGM, and ran all around the castle at the Magic Kingdom.  She amazes me each and every day with her energy and inquisitiveness.
     I managed to use the video camera this past visit which was fun.  I figured I should try it out rather than just have it sitting in a closet collecting dust.  It worked rather well and I managed to capture Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade and  a few other tidbits.   Here is a snippet of Abbie dancing to Off Kilter's version of the Summer of '69 (gotta love Bryan Adams!).

     Well, I am taking some time this week to do some Christmas shopping, bake some cookies, and work on my web site.  I really need to update it.  I have to admit that I love blogging now.  I love how easy it is to add video, pictures, links, music, widgets, and so much more.  My classroom blog seems to be doing well.  I know my students are visiting it because they email me and tell me.   I have found myself using technology in the classroom so much more this school year.
     My classroom is a newer portable but the outlets for Internet access are at the back of the room.  I have run a cord to the front of the room to allow me to hook up the laptop to the projector.  I use PowerPoint to do lessons on reading strategies.  Quizlet is used to help the students learn new vocabulary.  I also visit websites based on what we are studying in class.  I have also figured out how to take photos of students work using the ELMO.    
     Technology is a powerful tool when it comes to instruction.  I have decided to use it as much as possible because that is how students of today are learning.  I see that everyday when I look at my own child.  She just turned 3 and is already able to navigate the web, close and open programs, as well as use a mouse proficiently.  I should note that I carefully screen what she does on-line.  
     After the holidays, I plan on having my students use Voicethread as a means of digital storytelling.   I told my principal that I was going to have my students learn how to podcast.I explained that it would be difficult to do podcasting with the PC's we have at school so I would probably be doing it on my MAC at home.  He said to let him know if there was anything the school could do to help.  Short of purchasing a MAC, I could not think of a way.  Then, by accident, I discovered Voicethread.  I was immediately hooked.   It is not podcasting but still a powerful tool.  I will hopefully be subscribing to it soon so I can post an unlimited amount of Voicethreads.  
       Well, that is all for now.  I probably should go do some baking while Abbie finishes her nap.  When she helps me bake, all she wants to bake is chocolate chip cookies.   I don't mind but her daddy would like other flavors besides that.  Take care and happy holidays!

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