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Technospud Projects

Posted by Christine S on 10:10 PM
     Okay, so it is not called Technospud Projects anymore. However, it is still pretty much the same thing. It is now called Projects by Jen and it is a fabulous site. A wonderful teacher name Jen has created this site with projects to allow teachers to collaborate across the country. If you have not had the chance to check it out, I highly recommend it. I have been doing these online projects of hers for several years and have to admit they are a blast. It is interesting looking at data across the country and comparing results.
    In September, my class did the Oreo Stacking project. You would not think that 3rd graders would enjoy stacking Oreos as much as they did. They had a blast! I assumed they would enjoy it to some extent but I never expected the responses I got. They wanted to continue stacking the Oreos as well as try different things to see if they could alter the results. They were thinking outside the box.
     This past week we participated in the Pumpkin Seed Counting Event. The kids had a wonderful time. They were very involved in taking guesses, digging in the pumpkins, and counting the seeds. I admit that I even had a great time watching them get excited about estimating and counting.
     We are also going to be taking part in the Holiday Card Exchange this year. I did that last year with my class and was amazed at the response. The kids went home explaining to their parents how to use Google Earth. I had no idea what Google Earth was until I participated in this project and I found it fascinating.
Like I said, if you have a moment, check this site out. She has so many wonderful activities that you can do with your class (and other classes across the country).

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