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Check this out! Radio streaming on-line. You can add it to your iPhone or listen to it while you work out. The best aspect of this is that it is free.


Let the games begin!

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It is no secret that I am a geek to the core. I grew up reading. I spent hours in my room reading whatever I could get my hands on. I did rather well in school. I do indeed own a light-saber. I have seen Star Wars so many times that I can recite every line from memory. I even wore the Beta (probably should not share that one since that reveals WAY TOO MUCH about my age) tape out. You would be able to find a pocket protector or two in my home. My glasses recently broke so I am forced to wear my rather nerdy looking ones. At the age of 22, I called my parents while they were out of town to get permission to go out. I can frequently be found using the latest technology or trying to learn the latest program. I am a nerd to the core and I proud of it.
However, I also try to be frugal, especially in these tough economic times. That is why I have refused to purchase an iPhone for the past few years. I always try to be on the leading edge of everything. It is not so much a "Keeping up with the Jones'" as it is, quite simply, to be able to utilize the latest technology in the classroom. However, I could not be convinced that the iPhone was a necessary purchase. My cell phone had worked just fine and that was enough for me. Therefore, I had refused to purchase it despite my husband's best efforts to convince me of its importance.
Well, Bob came home the other day from school with an odd looking thing on his face. It looked as if he had done arts and crafts at school that day. So, I asked him what he made. He gave me a quizzical look to which I responded that he had something on his face. It turned out that it was a part of his cell phone. Okay, I finally granted he needed a new phone. I told him I would think about the iPhone but I was still rather apprehensive about it.
I noticed my phone was making noises as if it were charging then not charging earlier this week. I thought nothing of it until I examined it closely a few days later. My adorable little Samsung had a broken charger port. Piece of the charger had broken in half in it so it can no longer charge. It has not been a good week when it comes to technology in the Cowan house.
We were able to plug along this weekend with our phones. Bob then told me the latest iLife was due out this month and he shared with me some of its features. So we ventured to the Mac store under the guise of getting the latest version of iLife. Of course, while there, Bob convinced me to play with the iPhone. I have played with it before and, like my very first Mac computer, I was not impressed.
But Bob was not going to give up on it that easily. He pointed that I could surf the net. He mentioned that I would be able to Twitter. That caught my eye. you see, I have the Twitter bug now. So I twittered and found it easy on the iPhone. Alice twittered back that the iPhone is worth it. Melanie had twittered not too long ago as well that the iPhone would be great. Then I saw how fast the internet is on it. It is faster than the school network. Bob said he could program my emails to be forwarded to the phone which would be awesome. I could check my email after school without having to rush home. Then I checked out the prices. It was actually cheaper to switch to the iPhone than it was to remain with our previous cell phone service.
At that point, I was sold. So I am now the proud owner of the iPhone. Now if only I could figure out how to hook the phone up to a projector at school. I could access internet so much faster with my class then. But that is a whole new blog post!


7 Things You Don't Need to Know About Me

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     I got tagged today by Melanie.  The challenge is to post 7 things you don't need to know about me.  I'm surprised it is only 7 since I know there is much more in my past that I would rather forget.  Being the introvert that I am, I try to avoid attention rather than attract it so coming up with 7 things that I would rather not have anyone know about me is rather simple since the list is exceptionally long.  I guess I'll just go ahead and let the proverbial cat out the bag. :)

1.  I was called Captain Crunch affectionately by my family as a teenager and well into adulthood.  The reason for this is quite simple.  My driving record is chock full of crunches.  I totaled my first car on my Dad's birthday.  I rammed my parents shiny, brand spanking new van into the car across the street because I mistook the accelerator for the brake.  This was only 6 days after I had totaled my own car.  I hit a parked car.  I slammed into the back of a CR-V on 1st street in my own brand new Saturn wagon.  Some lady decided to go in reverse down San Pablo and nailed the front end of my Saturn wagon just mere weeks after I had just fixed it from the last accident.  Some kid nailed my brand new Blazer in front of my school doing 70.  
Needless to say damage was done to my nice new Blazer.  My own sister hit my brand new car in the driveway of my own home and somehow it was seen as my fault.  One of the vendors at school this past year hit a tree that hit my "brand new" Odyssey.  But, the creme de la creme had to have been the accident my first year teaching.  I was on my way to school on Atlantic Boulevard about a month into the school year.  I was just passing Kearnan when I looked to the right for just an instant.  Big mistake to say the least.  Next thing I knew, I nailed the back end of a Duval County School bus that was already in an accident with 3 other vehicles.  Let me tell you, transportation gets out there quick when a school bus is involved.  They were kind enough to call my school and let them know I would be late.  As you can tell, Captain Crunch, oddly enough, is an appropriate nickname.

2.  Most people know that I am an extreme introvert.  It takes me forever to actually get up enough nerve to talk with anyone.  I jokingly told a fellow teacher a few weeks ago that it took me a while to speak with another friend I had known for 15 years.   I said I had just spoken to her last year for the first time.  So, this may not truly be a surprise to anyone.  During my senior year in high school, I missed 2 weeks of school due to a family emergency.   I returned to Stanton just in time for mid-terms.  To my horror, not one of my teachers had marked me absent for those 2 weeks.  They did not know I was out.  One even insisted that I had been there the whole time and refused to let me have extra time to prepare for the mid-term.   As you can tell, I am truly quiet.  

3.   I used sun-in way too much in high school.  Sun-in and brown hair do not make blond.  Safety cone orange seems a more appropriate description of what Sun-in and brown hair make.

4.   I have not always been a Mac fan.  My husband wanted to "treat me" to a new Mac since it was better for web design and graphics.  I nearly threw it out from my 2nd story window after 2 days because I just didn't jive with it.  For the next two years, I claimed I hated it (but was quietly using it more than him).  Now, I admit, I am an avid Mac fan and have been one for 4 year now.

5.    My parents had a clear catfish when I was two years old.  I apparently loved to watch that fish all of the time.  One day, my Mom went looking for me and found me staring at the fish tank.  She noticed there was no fish in it.  She looked all around for the fish and could not find it.  Finally, she asked me if I knew where the fish was.  My response, "Fishy good!"  Apparently I have loved sushi all of my life.

6.   I enjoy watching T.V. just as much as the next guy.  I like a good mystery, romance, reality show, game show and so on and so forth.  I am, however, embarrassed to admit that growing up, my absolute favorite T.V. show was a show that very few people watched.  It was the epitome of cheesy 80's television.  It had the action, adventure, the cute sidekick, excitement, bad on-liners and over acting at its best.  I loved to watch T.J. Hooker starring William Shatner.  There, I said it.  I admit it.  I absolutely loved that show.  I would adjust my schedule just so I would be able to watch it.  I even offered to do the dishes for my mom so I could watch it.  She had a small black and white television in the kitchen that I could watch if I did the dishes.  So, everytime that show was on, I did the dishes just so I could watch it.   

7.   I read fanfiction.  Youch, I am not sure I really wanted to admit that one but the cat is out of the bag.  I like to visit fanfiction to check out the latest story on some of the shows I watch.  I have no idea as to how I got hooked on the stuff but I have certainly discovered there are many talented writers out there on the worldwide web.  
Well, now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself, it is time to tag seven others.  I now tag 


Now is your chance to blog 7 things you would not normally blog about.  Have fun :)

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