Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Big Thunder Mountain and Other Inklings

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     It is no secret that my daughter Abbie means the world to me.  Like most moms and dads, I would do anything for her.   I simply want what is best for her just like every other parent out there in the world. 
     It is also no secret that my daughter Abbie is growing much too fast like every other child out there in the world.  We decided this past weekend to pay a visit to the land of the mouse (Disney World ).  Abbie loves to visit Disney and being Florida residents with seasonal passes, we visit for a day here and there.  (As a sidebar, Seasonal Passes are WORTH EVERY PENNY!).
Well, like I said, we decided to visit this past weekend because we needed to get away. 
     Well, as Abbie has grown, she has continued to ask if she can go on certain rides.  Most of the time,  the answer has been no because Abbie is not tall enough yet.  When we went last month, she was still not tall enough for many of the rides.  Needless to say this has disappointed her on more than one occasion.
     Well, like most kids her age, Abbie must have had a growth spurt since our last visit.  As we were riding the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, Abbie informed us that she "would" be going on Big Thunder Mountain.  She left no room for argument or discussion on the matter.  It was clear that her mind was made up and she would not take no for an answer, regardless of the silly sign that states "you must be this tall to ride this ride."  She was going on Big Thunder Mountain PERIOD.  
     With fear clearly etched on our faces and in our walk, Bob and I began the slow trek up to Big Thunder Mountain.  You see, our daughter is a very loving child but she is also a very strong willed child (like most kids out there).  Since her mind was made up about that ride, we feared the tantrum that might follow should she not be tall enough to ride it.
      Well, slowly we trekked our way up the mountain.  Surprising yet unmercifully, there was no line.  It was then  that we spotted it.  There, beckoning us, was that infamous post with those huge red arrows.  Those enormous red arrows that Abbie now towered OVER.  That wretched post with those huge red arrows that now clearly yelled at us, "She's not LITTLE anymore!" That infamous post with those huge red arrows that taunted us by calling us old.
     I know I shouldn't put it that way but she is truly growing WAY TOO FAST.  It was less than a year ago that she was much too short to ride those rides.  Now she stands a good two to three inches TALLER than the minimum.  Where did the time go?  Before we know it, it'll be time for school.  Then it'll be time for a license, then college, then marriage, then grandkids and so on.  Life is definitely moving way too fast. 
    However, no matter how fast she grows, she will still be my little girl.  I find solace in the fact that she held on tight to me for the entire ride. 

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