The Mac Store

Posted by Christine S on 8:22 PM
     Well, I finally got my wish on Tuesday.  I took my class to the Mac Store for a field trip.  Now, this is not the make-up store I am talking about.  Being the techie that I am, I was surprised when one fellow teacher wondered why I was taking the kids to a make-up store.  Many other teachers had no idea of where it was that I was going.  When I explained where it was that I was going, I got the normal "only you Mrs. Cowan" since I am such a techie geek. 
     Anyway, we spent 2 hours in the store and the kids had a marvelous time.  They spent an hour creating a video using Photobooth and IMovie.  Their videos amazed me to say the least.  They spent the remaining hour checking out the IPhones, IPod Touch, and IPods.  They were asking me about the apps, programs, and much more.  The kids (and adults) really had a good time.  We then walked to McDonald's for lunch.  It was a really nice day.
     So, the next time you are trying to figure out a field trip, may I suggest the Mac Store.  Check this site out for more information. 


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